About The Firm

What makes our Law Firm different than the others in your area? To start, we always provide:

  1. High-quality legal services
  2. Expert consultation
  3. Affordable Prices

Other Law Firms may provide one or two of these, but without all three you will be leaving yourself vulnerable. At The Law Office of Alexander Sherwood Keenan, PLLC, we prefer to keep them all under one roof. The following is a more detailed list of what our clients receive:

  • A full range of transnational legal services in the areas of Business Law, Real Estate Law and Estate Planning
  • Advice that is straightforward and explained in-full
  • Accountability. To ALL of our clients
  • Quick responses to any form of contact from our clients (phone call, email, or mail)
  • ZERO charge for the initial consultation
  • We believe that the lawyer should work for the client, not the other way around.
  • Flexible meeting times are a foundation of our firm. If necessary, we will make time for you on nights or weekends.
  • Flexible payments structure. We accept credit cards and offer financing options
  • Our goal is to keep our overhead low so that our rates are always competitive

We enjoy the challenge of running a firm that can provide legal counsel to such a wide variety of practice areas. Our team members have diverse and different backgrounds, which allows us to feel better-equipped than the average Law Firm when it comes to counseling a range of clientele. Need help with a legal issue? Want advice on growing your business? Thinking about how to protect your family? Prepare for the worst, but with us on your team, you can always hope for the best!