Three Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

Many families consider purchasing long-term care insurance in advance to help pay for expensive long-term care in the future. Here are three important factors to keep in mind when buying long-term care insurance. Your daily benefit requirement. Many people look at the national averages for long-term care costs and neglect to factor in regional differences. Don’t make this mistake. Be sure to find out Read More

What is a Pour-Over Will and How is It Used?

A pour-over will is a type of last will and testament typically used in trust-based estate planning. Unlike a traditional will, which directs how your property will be distributed to beneficiaries, a pour-over will states that assets not funded into your revocable living trust should go into the trust when you pass away. Why is this distinction important? Let’s say the grantor, the person for whom the revocable Read More

Finding the Right Nursing Home: Don’t Rely Entirely on the Five-Star Quality Rating System

The Five-Star Quality Rating System was created in 2008 by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). It has become a popular tool for families to find a quick summary of a given nursing home’s overall level of quality. CMS posts its ratings on the website.Unfortunately, the accuracy of this rating system is open to question. An investigation by the New York Times, in particular, reveals a Read More