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Elder Law

Let Us Help

We want you to maintain your high quality of life with as much freedom as possible. You have spent your life planning and building your retirement. You deserve to enjoy it.

At The Law Offices of Alexander Sherwood Keenan, PLLC, we practice elder law for a reason: to help you overcome some of the challenges you face during retirement. Establish a plan for your future.

To protect yourself, map out your financial future by determining how you will afford care inside of a nursing home or assisted living facility. Do you have enough set aside for an in-home health aide, or will you need to use Medicaid?

Answering the questions about your long-term financial future today leads to a peaceful tomorrow. Elder law is meant to protect you in the best legal way possible by creating living wills, powers of attorney, and health care proxies.

Together, we will safeguard your future.