Law Pay/Client Portal

Our firm takes pride in leveraging advances in technology to benefit our clients. We’ve taken the time to evaluate the many different types of companies that provide services to law firms and have chosen Zola and LawPay based on our clients’ feedback.

We make keeping track of your case easy by opening a secure portal for our clients that allows them to message their attorney, view documents related to their case, and see all their invoices and payments. All available 24/7 from your computer or smartphone.


Our firm uses ZOLA to offer our clients a secure portal from which to view important documents related to their case, download invoices and communicate with their lawyer. Clients receive a link in their email to create an account which can be later accessed at any time by clicking below. 

Online Payments

We’ve also established portals with LawPay, to make it easy for our clients to keep on top of their invoices and make retainer payments at any time, by credit card or e-check, from anywhere in the world. 

Our firm has partnered with LawPay to offer the convenience of online payments, both for the payment of retainers and the payment of outstanding invoices. Click one of the buttons below to access the LawPay secure payments page.

Pay Retainer

Click the button above to make your initial retainer deposit or to replenish your existing client trust account.

Make Payment

Click the button above to make a payment on an outstanding invoice.

(Can also be done through the Zola Portal at the top of this page).