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Real Estate Law For Buyers

Buying A Home

If you are buying a home in the Hudson Valley, contact The Law Offices of Alexander Sherwood Keenan. We can assist you with negotiating terms, drafting effective real estate contracts, ordering title reports, and representing you during closing.

Whether you are a pro or are brand new to real estate, buying a home will likely be the largest investment of your life. The financial repercussions of which will have a significant impact on your future. Take control of the situation by retaining a reliable and established real estate attorney.

When you have found your ideal home and are ready to make an offer, the Law Offices of Alexander Sherwood Keenan can help you with the contract and represent you at closing to ensure your interests are protected. We want you to be comfortable and informed about what you are signing and what impact it will have on you. It’s a small investment for a significant amount of peace of mind.