Discuss Your Estate Planning Needs With An Experienced Attorney

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Creating a will or trust is the best way to make sure your loved ones know how to handle your estate after you pass. Make an appointment with the Law Office of Alexander Sherwood Keenan, PLLC today to learn more about estate planning in Dutchess County, NY.

Estate Planning Workshop

Attend one of our our complimentary Estate Planning Workshops to learn about all the different estate planning options that are available to you. Each family’s situation is unique, but our workshops are designed to educate you in the fundamentals of estate planning, an area of the law that is often misunderstood. There are many options beyond a simple will….attend a workshop and learn if they might be right for you! Sign up for a free workshop here:


No one knows what the future has in store, but you can put a plan in place to help your family carry out your wishes after you pass. Meet with an experienced estate planning attorney today to discuss your estate planning needs. The Law Office of Alexander Sherwood Keenan can help Hudson Valley residents:

  • Understand your current estate plan
  • Draft wills and trusts
  • Organize your records to make life easier for your loved ones
  • Help you grant powers of attorney
  • Properly designate beneficiaries
  • Avoid Estate Taxes
  • Create a plan for your “digital assets” (i.e., social media profiles, pictures stored in the cloud, etc)

Contact us to schedule an appointment now or sign up for a free workshop!