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Highly recommend Alexander Sherwood Keenan, Esq. Real Estate law. Alexander Sherwood Keenan, Esq. is heads and shoulders above his peers in terms of consistency and performance in the field of Real Estate Law. After over 5 years of interviewing, evaluating and hiring, firing and clawing back retainers from legal counsel, I am giving Mr. Keenan my highest recommendation. We retained Mr. Keenan several times over the years we traveled through the probate process to assist us in navigating complicated real estate issues. We also evaluated best strategies on how to handle the property during the probate proceedings. I can say without reservation that you will find Mr. Keenan to be a creative thinker who also listens and if the process becomes complicated, he will not abandon you. We met, discussed the issues, possible alternatives, decided on a course of action and he did what he promised to do every time. I was impressed with his solid brainstorming that resulted in an impressive air-tight promissory note to protect the compensation rights of a major creditor. At the closing, the sale of the property was supposed to be a simple one funding source all-cash deal. We walked into a situation where multiple banks and funding sources were representing the buyers. This created a multi-tiered closing that Mr. Keenan handled with grace and decorum. What could have devolved into chaos, became collegial, in-part due to Mr. Keenan’s exceedingly calm, adaptive, accommodating persona. He became the wheel hub at the closing. At the end, all acknowledged that everything went very smoothly. Mr. Keenan has a firm and knowing way of directing the conversation and situations, creating win-win scenarios for all sides. This is a very rare gift. It is also important to note that the promissory note he drew up years before the actual property was sold, was impressive and held up, uncontested in the court proceedings. I can say that after working with a number of attorneys, Mr. Keenan is refreshingly clear on his skill set and will also let you know upfront if he is not the right attorney to handle your case saving you time and money. Throughout this process, of the more than seven attorneys I hired to handle legal work for the Estate, I only re-upped with two attorneys. Mr. Keenan is one of them. When it comes to real estate law, Mr. Keenan is truly worthy of your time and trust in handling your legal real estate matters including property closings across the New York State regional area.

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