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With Elderly Parents

Estate Planning & Elderly Parents

Take care of your parents the way they took care of you. As your parents age, the goal is not to change their lives drastically. Rather, you should utilize everything at your disposal to help them maintain their current lives for as long as practicable.

Americans are living longer. Consequently, there has been a rise in the rate of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Estate planning is built around aging gracefully and with dignity. Develop a plan now while your parents are of sound mind. And you may never have to use—we hope you never have to. Your parents will live under the security of knowing that someone they trust will be looking after them.

This will be done through establishing a power attorney. We will determine the right agent to make legal and financial decisions on your parents’ behalf. A healthcare proxy will be appointed to make medical decisions as well.

The Living Will is the last piece of that puzzle. This allows our clients to declare, in writing, their wishes for treatment. Create a plan now to eliminate the stress of having to manage this later without the added benefit of having your parents’ input and requests.